And so the last one it is

Exams been okay so far. Could have been better but what am I going to do?
The final 1 which HAS to be the WORST OF ALL!!!!
EE2011 Engineering Electromagnetics at 230pm. Weird timing at that.

Anyway time to enjoy later in 16 hours :P

Things to do

  1. Spend time with dear dear =D;-)
  2. Project UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)
  3. Project Minty!!! :D
  4. Project USB 2.0 Car!!! :D Spin off from my EE2001 project. Well more like my extra feature that didnt fully work and that I got to keep :D Need to remake the transmitter module and buy a few PICs and ask the lab people if I can borrow the programming and development board :P
  5. Project Biogas :P Interpret that anyway you want haha
  6. Project Redesign webpage
  7. Project Use Linux
  8. Project Network Programs for fun =D
  9. Project GET FYP (final year projectt)!!!! Very vital for my survival and enjoyment for the rest of my NUS life :P
  10. Go Sim Lim Square and Funan to enjoy some technology :p
  11. Go Sim Lim Tower!!!! For project possibilities. So much FUN things in Sim Lim Tower now once you’ve done EE3208 you can actually look at the things there and decide what it can be used for =D
  12. Replace Linksys router adapter for bro
  13. Sims House Party budget expansion pack for bro and sis
  14. Manga for bro
  15. 7/11 dried cranberries for sis

AND other things that I cant really think of now :P

Go relax with some Quake pre-sleep time :P


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