Ice skating!!!!!

** Updated at 14:26:58 on 2005/05/05 **
Went ice skating today!!!
1st time ever for me. I’ve rollerbladed before for like 5 minutes? Didnt make much progress there. All I can say is that the rail is my friend :P
But it was a good day. Went with my orientation group (Chee Wooi, Andrew, Shengfang, Weilin, Jing How and Jeff) that I was leading for CPE1 orientation 2004 and Ya Chee and Chinmay. I DIDN’T FALL!!!! YAY!!! I thought my butt would be suffering after skating but its still nice and fresh :P Had a few close calls though :P
I saw this nice book the other day. Read the warning and dedication :P I want that book haha
(Hope I don’t infringe any copyright laws :S If I do do tell me :P)
Anyway off to do some work for the meeting tomorrow.
Tomorrow off to Chinmay’s place for food muahahaha!!!:P:P

Need to select an FYP (final year project) too. So many choices. So MANY!!!!
Just hope I get what I want ;-)
Off to work…


2 thoughts on “Ice skating!!!!!

  1. argh! you never fell! argh!!
    btw, could you get chinmay to upload those pics he took? Dun seem to see him online these days :P thx – Eriol

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