Back in school for the moment

Waiting for my UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) supervisor to come back to his office. Right now in IES clubroom. Nothing much to say just that I want another working 2.5″ hard drive to install Linux, my bro’s old HD that he gave to me seems to be konked out. Cant even reinstall Linux on it, well it makes funny noises when it is shaken.
Been playing a lot with Zhenyang since I’ve moved to his place for the time being. Serious Sam, 1st and 2nd encounter and Warcraft 3 basically. Set up ad-hoc wireless in his place with the wireless usb adaptor that I got at a Creative warehouse sale.
Stupid NUS OSA. First of all, the online appilcation says that I did not submit my application. After mailing and calling a person in charge at OSA, I was told there was some data loss. So I could have been 1 of the people involved. Its so stupid because it wasn’t even MENTION!!!!! And they say that they cant do anything for me now because all the rooms have been allocated…. wth


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