Woke up and surfed

And just came across a few interesting links
The Evolution of the PDA: Something for me to read when I have the time and when I’m not lazy to read :P
$100 Linux laptop to help world’s poor: Get this done and you have completed an NUS FYP topic :P
A Pistol Mouse for Your Fragging Pleasure: Point click and shoot but I’m sticking to my mouse anyday

Today have to go back to school. Will program my PICs :D Got free samples from Microchip and will just program them with the software used for my EE2001 project so I can get my remote controlled car to work :D
Then meeting at school, 1830 @ PGP canteen. Whoops forgot to mention that I have to meet my UROP supervisor that I couldnt meet yesterday due to last minute exam marking matters in his part so another hour plus journey to NUS again, not to mention the hour plus journey back :(

Anyway off to read things on RFID for my UROP :p


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