My 1st post from LINUX!!! =D

Using ubuntu right now =D yay!!!!! Couldnt get the wireless adhoc network connection using kubuntu (which is basically ubuntu with KDE as the desktop environment). Despite having the same base, ubuntu (which has GNOME as the desktop environment) was able to connect to the wireless adhoc network that I configured at my friends place =D

So I guess its ubuntu for now. Whats happened recently? Results out yesterday. Got an A for my EE2001 project =D But that was my only A :'(:'(
CAP gone down a bit so I guess I cant really relax in my final year which is to come :| I’m old…. Speaking of FYPs, I have an FYP interview on Monday, hope it goes well even though its for my 2nd choice topic. Just wait and see what happens on 15th July when the results are out.

Anyway I better go off to sleep. Meeting tomorrow for my Biofuel project… Good night world from ubuntu!! =D


2 thoughts on “My 1st post from LINUX!!! =D

  1. How many Linux distributions are there and which one should I try out? I need one with GUI (I HATE command line interfaces and I have to deal with it a lot on my Mac!) and proper connectivity (read: no-fuss wireless and USB connections)


  2. My fountain of knowledge aka aliumalik :P tells me that command line will come in sooner or later to a certain extent. But ubuntu/kubuntu has a GUI package manager to handle updates though to edit the url’s where they download from.

    Check out Distro Watch to see most if not all of them (way to many to mention). The fountain tells me Fedora or kubuntu. Xandros is recommended by but I’m not sure which version they reviewed because there are paid versions as well. I’ll be trying a few other distros hopefully if I can download them at home. If not I’ll have to ask someone here in Singapore to download burn and ship it to me :D haha

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