Back home

Been pretty good back home. Renovating the house though, so was rudely awakened yesterday morning at abt 9am :'(
Got the wireless working with my card, it was the firmware that needed an upgrade. Previously it was acquiring network address but then CPU load would go to 100% and never connect but just lag the computer bad. Problem with my wireless card is that it cant be recognized by my kubuntu distro even though it is supported. The funniest thing is that my friend loaned the same wireless card from the computer centre and it works both on Windows and Linux. The only differnce in the cards is mine has ‘Singapore’ on the back while the card that works on both platforms has ‘South Korea’ on the back. *Shrug*. I even tried with another ‘South Korea’ card from the computer center and it works on Linux. Possibly firmware problem? Could be I guess. Maybe try that out later.

The wireless here as problems though :( Some due to the ISP some due to the configuration I think. Sometimes the wireless needs to be restarted when DHCP supplies a new IP to the computer and sometimes the main ADSL connection just goes down and the modem has to be restarted. Worse thing is that since the modem cum wireless router we got is NOT the modem bundled with the Internet package it doesnt connect as fast as the orignal modem does.. Sigh… But when the connection works its pretty good minus the fact that if you torrent ANYTHING surfing comes to a complete stand still. Brunei’s Internet infrastructure really needs to be upgraded / overhauled to make it reliable. Heck they dont even give out ADSL modem configurations probably just because they want the customers to buy THEIR modems.. WTH

Anyway I was supposed to go to work but since I was up playing UT2k4 until about 1am I woke up at 1030 :P So I’ll just go after lunch. Nice to have a family business so I ‘can’ slack a bit :P

Just had lunch and having an Internet ‘blackout’. The modem doesnt seem to be connecting properly. So anyway links here that I got before the connection went AWOL
Bluetooth hack shakes mobile security: Guess bluetooth isnt as secure as it used to be. Exploits exploits, what are we going to do?
World’s fastest inkjet printer?: 170 pages per minute!!!! I want one!!! Not only that but “Apparently this technology also features the lowest power requirements of any inkjet head on the market”
Japan unveils “robot suit” that enhances human power: This is cool. Reminds me of Gordon Freeman’s HEV suit from Half-Life :P

Anyway need to go to the office but need to drop a few things at sis’s work place 1st. Save this post to Opera’s notes function and continue later….

Continuing the post :P Its 2210, back from Ya Chee’s aunts place, fixing their computer. Guess what was the problem? Our ‘good’ friend spyware…. :P PS Picked up an insecure wireless access point there :P

Rail Guns Closer to Reality: Now I want to play some Quake :P
Windows to Have Better CLI: More command line interface’s :D
Hand-made Web Server, Built From 200 TTL Chips: Next wire wrapping project? :P “…out of 200 74-series TTL chips wired together with thousands of individually wrapped wires” :|:| Ok… Maybe not :P

Anyway back to eating supper then slack a bit before going to sleep.
Have a good night people!


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