Busy days

So far since I’ve come back I’ve fixed or repaired or (re)installed OS’es on 7 computers. None of the computers are mine :( :P
I admit I’m no expert when it comes to computers let alone computers with pre Windows XP OSes. Win XP is an ‘easy’ OS to deal with, the 1s before them are a bit :S All is done now except with 1 fickle scanner on a Win 98 computer. The thing is the scanner is connected via a parallel port, and the scanner itself has an input and output parallel port, so the input port is connected to the computer and the output port is connected to a printer so that both devices can work. The thing is, the printer works but the scanner doesnt. Windows doesnt even detect the scanner when adding new hardware and when trying to manually add the printer, the CD that came with the scanner doesnt seem to have the drivers for the scanner :S
Anyway hopefully now I have time to continue my mod I hope. AAAAhhhhhhhh
Tired and I just want to code….
I should sleep, have to go to the office later.
Sleepy and tired and want to program: thats my current mood and I bet that will be my mood for the coming days. So dont get angry if I snapped at you, its because I’m tired and/or sleepy.
Good night (morning) people


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