Got an email looking for blood type A+

** Updated at 4:10:15 on 2005/07/12 **
****Edit 1 – Tuesday 12th July****
Called NUH and it is true. But they said they have enough donors at the current moment but it would be good to give them your contact if you can donate just in case :)
****Edit 0 ****
I don’t see any possible scam in such a mail except for the fact about the payment is carried by the parents and the inconsistency saying to text them your name and contact but dont supply their own. A person could be doing this to make an unsuspected victim pay expense for something they know nothing about or possibly it may cause people to donate money to them.
As I’m not currently in Singapore I can’t exactly call NUH or something to confirm this. If anyone can find out I suggest you do and help this little girl out.
Hematology & Blood Disorders: Aplastic Anemia: Some information about the said disorder.

Mail content as follows
Dear Concerned Fellowmen / Students,

We are the parents of a 2 year-old girl, VANESSA NICOLE LEE LIM, diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a blood disorder
where her bone marrow fails to produce blood for her body’s normal function.

Because of this, we are in desperate need for DONORS for PLATELETS with A+ BLOODTYPE for the next 9 months.
Vanessa needs to be transfused with platelets every 2 days on the average.

For anyone who is so kindhearted and willing to extend help to our daughter, kindly proceed to NUH (NATIONAL
UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL), Blood Donation Center, Level 1. Please inform the staff that you are a donor for VANESSA
NICOLE LEE LIM. They will screen your blood and if you pass the test, may we request 1.5 hours of your time for
platelet extraction when the need arises. The lifespan of harvested platelets is only 5 days.

Please leave your name and contact number to the statff so that they can contact you for platelet extraction when
the need arises. Please also text us your name and contact number so that we have a way to reach you and to thank

Donors must be 18-45 yrs. old, at least 52kg., healthy, no history of hepatitis, tuberculosis, or other major
illnesses, no HIV, not on long-term medication, must have good veins on the arms for the procedure, and must
bring and ID or passport during registration.

We will shoulder all screening and platelet extraction expenses. Your body will recover the platelets in 3 days.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We are fervently counting on your support.

Sincerely yours,



One thought on “Got an email looking for blood type A+

  1. Reminds me of the story of ‘The boy who cried wolf’. Because of all the spam we get….it doesnt even cross our mind that such emails could be for real.

    Sigh…What has this world come to…..:'(

    Please people….I beg you… dont forward emails unless you are pretty sure that they are not crap….

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