Whats up with Cisco?

For some reason the Cisco Aironet 350 card that I got when I bought my laptop from school doesnt seem to work with the DLink DSL-G604T ADSL modem/router that I got for my friend. My other friend’s card, ie also a Cisco Aironet 350 works fine. I upgraded to the latest firmware but it couldnt seem to connect. It would detect the network but I couldnt connect at all, ie no DHCP request and no IP was assigned to my computer. So I decided to use my SMC wireless USB dongle in the mean time.
So I decided to downgrade the firmware last night and what do you know it connected!!!! Mind that this was with the USB dongle plugged in. So after that I removed the USB dongle leaving just the Cisco card it. Worked fine last night.
So I switch on my laptop this morning with just the Cisco card in it and I happily see the DHCP request / IP resolving icon in my taskbar and suprisingly enough I got “Limited connectivity” with only an private 169.xxx.xxx.xxx IP assigned. So no net connection :| Strange.
I tried plugging in the wireless USB dongle and that works and suprisingly the Cisco card connects!!!! The freaking card connects only if the USB dongle is connected!!! WTH!!!!
Man Cisco doenst like me. I want a new laptop: with inbuilt wireless, a Pentium M processor, USB 2.0, firewire and a dedicated miniumum 64mb graphics card :P
School starting soon. Final year. I’m feeling old now :| Packed week next week. Somebody named Koh Chia Shin is coming to Singapore for a week and also this Sunday off to buy a game server :D Next Thursday is NUS matriculation day for new engineering students so I should be there promoting IES :P Next Saturday is freshmen orientation day for IES. Busy busy busy. This does not include my project which I shall now go back to work on :P


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