Been busy

Since I’ve been back to Singapore about 2 and a half weeks ago I’ve had little rest. Out everyday except for 2 days so far. And not only that but recently I’ve been coughing alot with phlegm and stuff :P
Life’s been pretty good I guess since I got my room in PGP!! :D:D:D YAY!!!!!
Its right opposite the management office and I can even get wireless from here :D
The reception is not ‘that’ great but still a nice thing to have. Today was Matriculation Day for new engineering students in NUS so I had to man the IES booth. Funny thing was my duty starts at 1630 so I went a bit earlier and just as I got to the IES booth I hear an announcement saying something about all booths having to pack up at 1645 :P The hardest part was moving the stuff we brought down for the matric fair back to the clubroom. We took a trolley all along the road side and up slopes and a step :P Yes ‘A’ step.
Didnt sleep last night as I was trying to fix a problem with the IES Game server. Finally fixed it at like 1000 and left the rest of the day a sleepy blur. I did sleep an hour before going to the matric fair and that 1 hour did a lot of good. Perhaps the lack of sleep would explain the disorganised mess in which I am typing this. Anyway I better go do some work. Still got quite a bit of work to do not to mention a final year project. aaaaahhhhhh
Night people


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