The holidays are gone

And school is starting soon.
Yes I have yet again feel I have ‘wasted’ my holidays. Still so many things left unachieved and even untouched. Maybe dont plan for the holidays would be best :P
Starting to have doubts about my FYP (final year project). I’m thinking I would have liked it if I got my first choice. Maybe it’s just me being lazy and not wanting to work or maybe it is true. Anyway back to reading and brainstorming about my FYP, the thing that will probably make or break my first class honours. Hmmmm.. first class honours, is it really worth it?
I want to LEARN things. I want to enjoy school. I want to rest and not feel tired. I want me time. I want to stop typing now. What do I learn?
I’m selfish. As everybody is sometimes. Selfish. I need to learn to live my life and enjoy it more. I need to enjoy life more. I need to enjoy the finer things in life and not worry too much. God help me I pray


One thought on “The holidays are gone

  1. I have the same feeling. So much so that I don’t feel like fellowshiping with fellow christians…

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