Playing around with Debian

After several problems I finally managed to dual boot my laptop with both Windowx XP and Debian. Initially I installed the business card edition of Debian. Then I tried to install Windows so I popped in the Restore disks that I got with my laptop. It didnt even get me an option to which partition it was to install on. It wiped out my partitions and formatted the drive. It then hung at 85% of formatting then I had to reboot the computer to restart it. So after finally installing Windows AND the updates I wondered what to do. I wanted a distro of Linux to dual boot. So I tried search for non destructive partitioning for Windows. I had to scan disk and defrag to make sure the partitioning went along with less problems. After much looking if found Ntfsresize to do the partitioning. Finally I went with BG-Rescue Linux or SystemRescueCd (can’t remember :S :P). All in all it worked =D Yay!!! So installed Debian by downloading and burning 2 iso’s of the 12 available hoping that it would be enough to install Debian and then I could configure the Linux ACU client
or VPN to get online and finish the install. I guess I was wrong. Currently the screen resolution is 800 x 600 maximum. Something to do with nvidia drivers I’ve heard or something. Slowly but surely learning Linux thought thats the good thing :)

Went to Festival of Praise yesterday with several cell group people. Great experience :)

Been a long day today. Woke up at about 1100 today then went down to Queenstown to Church! :D 1300 meeting with cell leader for new life kit follow up before cell group, then service. After service end up eating and fellowshipping at the hawker centre until about 2200. 3 exchange students all from France , 1 from NTU 2 from NUS, were there so there were obviously curiousity on their side as well as ours. I suggested they drink bandung but too bad the stall didnt have :P One of the things I remember of the evening was where they mentioned that you can ‘slash’ a person. Weird word to use but as I recall it was basically you can say something to a person then when you ‘slash’ them they are not able to respond. An example the guy gave was a guy says this to a girl “I’m having a great party tonight. But I’m not inviting you”. Then he ‘slashes’ her so she cant respond or protest. We’re not too sure if they mean it out of sarcasm or just some strange culture thing. Anyway back to learning about Linux and hopefully get my screen resolution proper :P


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