Opera is FREE!!!!

Get your copy here.
Been silent for quite a while, too busy caught up with school work but just had to break the silence which such good news story.
Now I just wonder how the web statistics will change. Yes I know lots of people use Firefox and many still will. Extensions offered by Firefox are indeed a great thing but for me Opera’s overall integration inclusive mail, IRC and torrenting is good for me so I’m sticking to Opera.
Anyway… back to work…. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Mid semester break coming to and end soon :P And still lots to do


5 thoughts on “Opera is FREE!!!!

  1. Hey, can you site feed your site?

    Or can it already be soon and I just cannot see the rss/atom feed?

    – Summerrainx

  2. Give me time and I will :P Thinking of just going to find a good CMS because I’m lazy but really because I don’t have much time to do so and convert things over :(

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