Waiting for my uCLinux image to be transferred to the uCgardener board for EE4214 Real Time Embedded Systems. The module has a lot of potential but they expect too much I think. They expect you to know Linux before hand. Well we probably would if they had a module on that which I believe would be just as useful as CS1101C: Programming Methodology.
The good thing about this module is that I am learning a bit more about Linux slowly but surely.
FYP is going so. I think MS VC++ MFC GUI is nice but I dont like the fact that a lot of things are hidden from the user. I feel that Java GUI programming is where its at. It intuitive and thats without a GUI GUI builder :P
Been watching go-open since I’ve torrented both volumes. 1.34GB and 13 episodes. It’s all about open source software. So bits of the program are interesting to listen to but the host act gay-ish to me.
Ok looks like the image is done downloaded and program. Back to work. Enjoy the coming week people. And looks like I might go and see ET :D


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