Check out this dialogue

Doing my FYP work with the TV on in the background. WWE on now and the dialogue is like what the heck man… its pathetic…

Batista said that Eddie was on to something, and that they could be friends, amigos. Batista said they were like the three amigos, but there were only two of them, so they’re the two amigos! I think that was my favorite line of the year. Eddie was happy. Batista said that everyone knows what kind of man Eddie is. He then said that Eddie should think about what kind of champion he would make if he defeated Batista for the title. Eddie said that they would come out of this as more than opponents, but as friends, maybe even best friends. Eddie said that he just wanted to be Batista’s friend. Since when did Eddie become Heidenreich?! Batista said, no, Eddie, friends don’t shake hands, friends have to hug! Batista hugged Eddie. Eddie looked a little unsettled while they hugged, but nothing much came of it. Batista thumped his chest and pointed at Eddie. Eddie did the same. Batista than patted his heart. That was the most homoerotic segment in Smackdown history.

Obtained here

Just sad… so sad. But just couldn’t resist posting it.


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