Free TV

** Updated at 23:39:07 on 2005/10/09 **
Free TV online (courtesy of Digg). Currently watching American Its an old comedy but hey its still free tv. 320×240 running very smoothly. No skips as of yet but then its 0530 in the morning :P
Been up doing FYP programming. Finally got a break through :D That was good. Funny thing was I slept at about 7 till 9 last night and I’m still not feeling that sleepy.
Had my dose of Digital Life TV and Diggnation. Still waiting for
TWiT though. Signs of a TechTV (Wikipedia entry) fan :P
I guess I should get some sleep. Got more project work to come later. Life in the final year. Great…. :P But happy. But tonnes of work. But want to explore more. But no time. But time to sleep I guess.
Night people


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