Busy days

EE4214 is stealing my sleep. But some progress is being made. Weekened reserved for FYP work. Well if you havent heard the new video iPod is out. Cool device. Costs too much for me but more importantly I dont have any use for it. I wonder how much $$$$ Apple’s going to get from it, I bet its a whole crap load :P

On the gaming side.. Quake 4 coming in on the 19th and Serious Sam II is out but doesnt seem to be coming yet. Games I want to play but have no time to :( Guess I’ll have to wait till exams are done.

Micro NES: another cool project on the todo list :P

On to FYP work. Enjoy your weekend people. Oh yeah one more thing I just remembered. Friend of my got engaged last week. Mr Ong Ed Red congrats and have a happy life with Christina ;-) Got to catch up with you some day.


2 thoughts on “Busy days

  1. Meh, the community isn’t all that impressed with the video iPod. Screen quality isn’t good enough and battery life is kinda short. And that’s what the Mac freaks are saying.

    I stopped caring about the iPod when they released the iPod photo. I just don’t see the need for the iPod to do anything but play MP3s though I’ll admit that I can understand the iPod Photo. But video? I fail to see the market but it’ll probably still sell well.

    But I want a Gameboy Micro!


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