Just another sleep deprived day

** Updated at 13:11:39 on 2005/10/18 **
Yep you got that right. Slept at about 6 this morning after spending all night programming for my FYP. Slowly learning MSVC++ and MSeVC++. Slowly but surely. The application is almost done but there still a lot to learn. Speaking of programming… I found this great site on programming tools; IDE’s, compilers and other stuff. Link courtesy of Digg of course ;-) So woke up at 8 to go to HR2002 HRM class. 2 hours of sleep and just had my dinner so I’m feeling quite full and awake, waiting to go to sleep.

Got this in a mail from linuxNUS. Its about NUS‘s IVLE. Quite a long read for me so I’m kind of lazy to read it so I’ll just leave it here for people to read.

Just installed Serious Sam 2 demo. Dont think I’m going to play it yet. I hope I dont :P Anyway had CS2106: Operating Systems midterm today. 30 MCQ’s, 70 minutes, 15% of the final grade. It was ok, but I personally don’t like MCQ’s because the examiner can’t really see if you know what you are doing or not. MCQ’s with explanation now thats something to do. I believe I did have a quiz like that for EE2010: Systems and Controls and I believe it is a good thing. It shows that you know your stuff as well as some answers can help you along the way if you really dont know what the question is asking for :P Anyway for anybody planning on doing Operating Systems please do try to take it in the 2nd semester. Roland Yap who teaches it this semester seems to make things less enjoyable compared to raving reviews of Hugh Anderson I get from anybody who he teachers. Actually I did attend his lecture once, 1 year ago before I dropped Operating Systems due to a module planning disaster. It was enjoyable which is sadly unlike Roland Yap’s teaching style. Maybe its just me, but I just don’t like it. He tends to mumble off things and his lab questions take a lot of time to decipher what he wants and also he tends to go too slow.

Anyway I think I’ll stay up for Tiramisu on Channel 5. Hmmm “Whose Line is it Anyway” on at 0200 tomorrow. Who knows maybe I’ll naturally wake up at 2 so I can watch it :P Tomorrow is my usual free day most likely spent on EE4214 Real Time Embedded Systems project which is a pain. The hardware doesnt seem reliable and sometimes it just conks out. Anyway perhaps let me go finish off my FYP PDA application. Have a nice week people and catch up on your sleep. And good luck studying for exams =)


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