Ok I should be working

But after watching episode 10 of DigitalLifeTV I got curious of Ruby on Rails. They mentioned that along with Ajax. I’ve heard about Ajax and had a rough understanding of what it was. I heard of Ruby as well but didnt have any clue what it was. After watching the 15min intro video I was completely blown away. I mean man this is awesome stuff. Practically created a blog engine within 15 minutes. Cool automation of linking the database with the engine and just simply wow.

For more interesting things on my daily Digg session. Found a video on TOOOL on Bumpkeying (or is it key bumping?). What it basically is, is a skeleton key that requires a ‘bump’ to open doors. The ‘bump’ can be from an object like a screwdriver as shown in the video. This leaves practically no traces of forced entry and is scary yet cool at the same time. Watch the video, its interesting especially if you don’t know much about locks and how they work. Get enlightened like I did.
“Knowledge is power. Abuse of Knowledge is weakness.” Thats kind of a quote I just came up with when I told my friend about the video. The first sentence is a norm I guess but somehow I just decided to add the second one. Maybe I’ll get famouse from this quote. Maybe not :P But I can wish can’t I??? :P But honestly I think five words in the sentence makes it too long to catch on. “Knowledge is Power” is short and simple. 3 words with all the meaning.

No fan of Eminem but for some strange reason I was drawn to the iPod ad featuring him. Apparently it was pulled from the website as some places has reported but is still available here.

Ok I should get back to work. Mind has been drifting ALOT today. Hope to finish more HR2002 readings. Slow, painful and arduous task.


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