Opera 9 is out!!!

Opera 9 Preview 1 to be exact. Check out the Opera Beta page to get your copy now. Quite a lot of updates, some significant ones would be the support of XSLT. Surprising seeing how they had a stand that XSLT was considered bad. A bit lazy to find the forum thread about it, I think I was something to do with client side formatting and how that should not be a standard as different clients will intepret it differently. Something like that if my mind is right :P
A page they took out of Firefox’s book, is opera:config. Opera has had before opera:plugins, opera:history and a few others as well I think. Added a feature of locking tabs so you cant close them, possibly useful for some people. Enhanced popup blocker and site-specific settings!! The only problem I have with Opera is that most things are done in ini files and will only take effect on a browser restart. I wish they could integrate it so that it doesnt need a restart. Aaaahahhh its getting late I better get to sleep for a productive day tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend people


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