Project days now and ahead

In 6.5 hours I will be in town to take photos for mission trip :|
Two days ago I slept for only an hour.
Tonight I think I shall get less.
For one project with so many problems
I’m thinking this would be much more useful. And actually its fitting with our project. The module? EE4214. I will need to make a page for future students for them to find out what they need to know about the course and how to start and guidelines which the people in charge do not give, or do not give much….. To anybody doing the course in the future I’ll be glad to help so that you dont have to waste your time doing things that are useless.
As for me now I think I’ll slack around for a while before getting back to work.

Good thing I dont have any official classes this week due to the holidays today and 2 days ago.

RANT: NUS Debian distro is screwed up!!!!! I believe they have taken away some packages because now I CANT install from it anymore. No more xserver-xorg package among other things. The idiots….. For others looking for repositories (at least I believe it is repositories) there’s another NUS one here for Gentoo,Ubuntu,CentOS and White Box

Night people


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