And so it’s almost over

RT done!!! =D=D=D Mr and Mrs PacSmithman presentation and demo done. Now its just the final touches to the report and submission. Operating systems assignment practically done, but yet to be fully tested. Documentation still needs to be done. Time to start studying. 16th,18th,25th Nov are my exams, 21st Nov is my FYP CA2. Going to be 1 heck of a week. I’ll have 1 exam over in a week’s time =|
Perhaps its time to hit the books, but I rather play with the penguin. Slow transition to the penguin world is slowly happening. A few probs will be, there is no longer any NUS Debian mirror. Seems to be broken/slowly taken down or who knows what, so perhaps have to change distro if I plan on reinstalling… aaaaahhhhhh
Anyway I guess I should get my lunch. For the past week I’ve been sleeping at 0200 the earliest just doing the RT project. But thats more or less laid to rest which is what I should do to, rest myself and study. And study. And study. Thank God that the content doesnt seem that bad this semester but still need to read and read and study :P Quite a bit of overlap for Operating systems and real-time content so even better :D

Good luck for your exams people


One thought on “And so it’s almost over

  1. Hey bro, now that you can put that project aside, you’ll have a greater piece of mind to approach your exams with. Hope you’ll be able to sustain your faith and energy to mug through these few weeks too. I’ll be praying for you too yea!
    May the Lord grant you wisdom and endurance through this season of your life :D

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