And so the studying begins

I think. I hope. Been doing Operating Systems Assignment 2 or as I like to all it ass 2 :P for the past 2 days with my ‘mummy’ and the ‘maid’ :P Something tells me it wasnt really worth doing the extra part however its fun to learn things. I still cant get over the malloc problem. Ok I just wanted to try compile the program in Windows to look at the problem and I just realised I dont have a C compiler!!!! And now thinking back on this I realised I know why, because cygwin never seems to be able to download the packages and install properly. Sounds a bit like Steam which is sometimes too fickle to update itself properly. Aaaaahhhh missing the ease of Linux in this sense where all I need is to “apt-get gcc”. As simplicity. Anyway I got NUScast working on Debian last night with the help of this page. I can watch webcast lectures as well, however it cannot fast forward or rewind!!!! ARGH!! Reminds me of TTT webcasts with his specialied application. Step by step migration. Becoming less worried about mounting my main “C:” directory in Linux, just was always worried that something may happen and I lose all the data on my Windows C drive and then I can kiss most of my work goodbye :| :P

Now where was I. Oh yeah talking about OS ass 2 :P Kind of finished it today after 2 and a half days of working (well maybe 1 day working 1.5 days stoning or something like that). What I need now is rest. Good old rest. Rest the body rest the mind rest the soul, and the study. Apparently I have to do all that tonight else I will have hardly any time to study :P Now I shouldnt be blogging now I should go sleep. Man it’s been a loooooooooooooooooooooong 1 and a half weeks.
Good luck people having exams. I look like a panda I’m sure. ‘Mummy’ says so :P Good night ‘mummy’ and ‘maid’ :P Good times, good times. Good ice cream at that too hehehe.

Serenity fans in Singapore click here for a chance to catch it in Singapore. Courtesy of uzyn for the link. I share the exact same sentiment as him, cant believe why it doesnt seem to be shown in the cinemas… Strange. Wish I could go but I got church “Makan Strike” event :D Who wants to come? :D
21st is outdoor games, 22nd is LAN gaming at Parklane and then overnight makan!!! :D We’re having a small get-together on 26th Nov to makan and watch Finding Nemo. Since I havent watched that (sad life huh? :P) its going to be free movie for me yay!!! :P



2 thoughts on “And so the studying begins

  1. i read on the browncoats site that they are releasing the serenity dvd on the 20th dec. i’m not too sure when it will finally hit singapore. but i just felt kinda ripped off if i were to watch the movie on a wide screen a day after the dvd is released. makes no sense.

  2. hey sheng hwee! just dropping by after seeing your email. i never knew u had a page like this.. anyway, just started dropping by the other people’s pages too..kinda felt dat i’ve been missing out on e community that has been thriving online coz was too occupied with the things at hand.. literally… anyway, hope to drop by more often and cheers for all ur efforts, in and out of church!! GBU. Kelvin.

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