Busy week

2335: Arrive in Singapore

1400: Cell
1800: Service
2000 onwards: Dinner and fellowship

1230: Meet up with brother and Ya Chee’s cousin Kah Boon. Then to Sim Lim to buy a few things then Funan to look around
1830: Meet up with Lim Hao

I can’t seem to remember what I did on Monday I guess I was working on the timetable system for the Ruicheng Phonics Academy that I went to to teach English, ie the reason I went to China.

1130: Meet up with Lim Hao. Out the whole day to shop and catch up
2200: Supper with Mark, Sze-Lyn, Andrielle

1330: Makan-Strike day 1: Board games, captain’s ball, basket ball until 1800

1330: Makan-Strike day2: LAN gaming followed by dinner at Old Airport Road then supper at California Bistro @ Esplanade
2350: Catch bus and fall asleep and get nudged by girl as I mentioned in the previous post

1330: Wake up :P
1400: Out to buy some Christmas presents
1700: Start travelling to Kovan to Nat’s place for cell Christmas dinner

Its been a busy week. Comtemplating on what to do today and on Sunday which is Christmas. All I know is that I’ll be going for my church’s musical entitled The Other Wise Men on Sunday at 1100.

I need to start working in my FYP again after a 5 week hiatus. School starts on the 8th. Need to find some sponsors for the annual IES Bazaar at the end of January. Plus I have other things of my own to do like my AMX mods to fix up.

Merry Christmas Eve people. Enjoy the last few days of the year =)


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