Thank you…

To girl who woke me up.

Ever since I came back from China on Friday near midnight I’ve been busy with things. So busy and tired that on the bus ride back last night I slept in the bus. On the last stop this girl nudged me and me being in my blurred state of just getting up was thinking why the heck she nudged me. Then it came to my realization that it was the final stop of the bus and it was time to get off. By the time I got off the bus I couldnt see her to thank her or anything. Luckily I took bus 10 that stops at Kent Ridge Terminal thats within the NUS campus thus it wasn’t much more of a walk than I was supposed to have. But felt kind of guilty not thanking that girl so this post is for that girl. Thanks =)

The events leading to my late night bus sleep night are as follows :P

22nd December 2005 log
2350-ish: take bus 10 back to NUS campus

23rd December 2005 log
0000-ish: End up sleeping on bus
0015: Nudged by girl
Woke up in a blurred stated
Realised that its the last stop and that I have to leave the bus
0016: Get out of bus, look around
Girl no where in site
Start walking back


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