I’ve realised 2 things

1) I want to redesign my website now, despite having my FYP to do. Just feel a sudden urge haha
2) I dont know what to do right now for my FYP. Kind of run into roadblocks and just realised that I really dont have a real direction on what I’m supposed to do. In this time of helplessness I turn to God who comforts me. I believe this is a test for me to trust the Lord more :) Thank you Lord and I pray that I persevere. I cannot remember who said it but something somebody said just struck me. It goes something like this: “There is no such thing as luck, however perseverse and opportunities will arise that make it seem as if it is luck. Its 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”. Well it really went something like that :P
So anybody going through hard times just persevere. :)

PS I will have to discipline myself not to redesign the website however more talking of it makes me want to do it even more!!! :P


3 thoughts on “I’ve realised 2 things

  1. Get your own web host. Then you can use wordpress and stuff to blog…and then the rest of the space for ur other stuff….

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