Walking zombie

At least thats kind of how I feel right now. No sleep last night but the good thing is had more breakthrough for FYP! Thank you Lord! =D So in essence my phone application is more or less done minus the communications that should work but dont due to different implementations of Philips and Nokia sides (well at least it should be different implementations since they dont communicate properly :P).
So I was looking for a Java API to access a device through the USB port and I didnt find an actual proper finalised and up-to-date API for USB for Java on Windows which I think is really a surprise for me. Considering USB is kind of the defacto standard of attaching anything to your computer and with Java actually surpassed C++ on Sourceforge last year, meaning more and more people are developing Java applications. There is a Linux version however, and it supports recent versions reports this article at IBM.
Anyway now time to try for a major breakthrough :P If this works its possible that there will be a working demo instead of a simulation at the next FYP meeting with my supervisor =D

Happy advanced Chinese New Year folks and enjoy the holidays if you have them ;-) Back to FYP……


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