Skipped lecture today

** Updated at 17:38:30 on 2006/02/15 **
To play Counter-Strike: Source. Same team what I played iPlay with. 16-0, 16-0. 3 teams and top 3 teams get prizes. Kind of sad that nobody else is playing. Most people are playing DOTA which I doint really have much interest in. When will there be more people playing CSS? :( When most default computer systems can support playing CSS probably haha :P Anyway should be getting the prize later.1 Razer Copperhead coming up =D Thanks giving to God that I get to know people like Reuben who led us yay!!! hehe Too bad I’m graduating this semester. Can’t play more :( Sad…. Anyway back to FYP. Restructuring some code to make things easier to extend and modify. YAY!!! FYP is fun again :D

Edit: Apparently they changed the prize from the Copperhead to the Diamondback Plasma Limited Edition. Kind of sad that they downgraded the mouse but hey its limited edition so maybe I should just keep it nicely in the box and let the price appreciate? :P Anyway still happy for the mouse :D Yay!!!


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