Of days and nights and mornings…

Been working through the night for the past 2 days. Today till 9am yesterday till 11am. Work’s been good I think. Progressing well thank God :). Still quite a lot a bit left that I hope to finish before this coming Thursday for the regualr FYP meet-ups with my supervisor.
Note to anybody dealing with strings and characters in VC++ and things that the didn’t teach you in school (well at least they didnt teach me :P) here are a few things to note when dealing with them
Unraveling Strings in Visual C++
Article 3. Strings the OLE Way

Anyway for those wanting not to study here is CNN‘s 20 great jobs that don’t require a degree. Kind of makes me wish I saw things before studying haha. Nah.. I like what I do and enjoy the days I had/have in University. So I’m off to make the best of the days I have left by:
1) Finishing up projects
2) Studying (something that is severly lacking this semester due to projects)
3) Gaming (:P haha yup still play on our IES servers along with my own sessions of Quake 3 and Counter-Strike: Source and Warcraft 3)
4) AMX mod X plugin development (I have to say that this is indeed enjoyable to me along with game server administration)
5) Enjoying as much of my church and cell here as much as I can before I go back :(
6) Finishing up personal projects (like MintyMP3 after exams finish, or as how I like to call it “when time dilates” :P)

Okay people enjoy the week ahead as I continue with my projects :P


2 thoughts on “Of days and nights and mornings…

  1. That CNN article is cool. So, we’ve been brainwashed by the educational system for so long. But that paper’s crucial in such a job market like ours.

    Take care, man!


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