Its going to be a heck of a few weeks

Deadlines in chronological order:

11th March: Financial Accounting Midterm – 25%
22nd March: Technology of Digital Entertainment test – 20%
24th March – 13th April: FYP CA3 – 30%
30th March: FYP thesis + technical paper draft
1st April: Online booking of CA4 timing
5th April: Financial Accounting project – 15%
7th – 13th April: FYP CA4 – 30%
12th April: 2 x Technology of Digital Entertainment demos – 40% (inclusive of reports)
23rd,24th April: 2 x Technology of Digital Entertainment reports
24th April: Financial Accounting exam – 50%
26th April: Advanced Operating Systems exam
13 May: Final thesis

On a side note. Microsoft’s Origami is revealed: Video | Microsoft website. XP tablet edition, wifi, bluetooth, minimum 800×480 resolution and ~2lbs. A bigger PDA or a smaller tablet: either way the battery life is the most important factor I think. From the video it seems too thick and to big in general but I like the keyboard hidden keyboard with the screen swivel as you can see from the video’s 1st scene. With prices from 600-1000 it seems like a good alternative to a laptop. Seems to have usb ports as well so you could attach a keyboard and mouse to it. If you could attach a monitor to it, it could be something like a Mac mini. My initial reaction was that its just a bigger PDA (me being a PDA user) rather than a smaller tablet, but now I think of it has a smaller cheaper, and I emphasise cheaper, tablet. Now that is indeed something important as tablets to me just seem overpriced. Now its much more easily attainable and what more its a smaller more mobile device than a tablet. Now I want one :P

Anyway I better go to sleep. Hope I dont do another 3am-3pm sleep-a-thon again :P
Good night people and I’m getting baptised on Sunday at 5pm @ Church of our Saviour (map). Yay!


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