Last exam

** Updated at 4:41:48 on 2006/04/26 **
Today. In a few hours time.
Time: 1700
Venue: S16 TR4/TR5 = S16 #03-04/05
Seat: 30
Notes: Open book
Could not sleep properly this morning. Slept at 6 up at 7, then back to sleep up at 8, then back to sleep up at 9. So decided to get up and do some more reviewing. The module content seems much better after reading the textbook once over. I like the fact that I have a much better outline of the module but feel that something just isn’t right but I guess just leave it in God’s hands ;-)
If all goes well tonight will be in Visualization Lab to try complete my EE4217 Technology of Digital Entertainment project. Yeah sounds kind of sad going to lab to work right after the LAST exam of my NUS life. Aaaaahhhhh. Anyway I better get back to reviewing.

PS. Useless fact of the day
Every Microsoft Excel worksheet has a maximum of 256 columns and 65536 rows (at least for Excel 2002 (10.6789.6735) SP3) :P


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