2nd last exam

At 5pm tomorrow
Venue: MPSH2-A
Seat: 316
316, cool number haha. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”. God’s assurance and funny sense of humour I take it. To think got up at 0400 this morning with a dream of being cradled in 2 giant hands.
It’s amazing how much God loves us and still loves us despite straying away. Been a tiring and trying past week for me and thankfully refreshed after service yesterday, physically tired due to lack of sleep but spiritually refreshed :) And before going to sleep last night I thought about the realization of going back. Started crying thinking of the things I’ll miss especially the cell group. If only things lasted for a while just be glad they lasted… if only for a while.
Now my worry is being sleepy during exam. Been sleeping like 3 hours at night and 6 hours in the afternoon for much of the past week. Horrendous sleeping hours I know but thats what happens with projects that I wanted to complete and yet to finish. Thank God that it was extended and will be focusing more on it after exams. Thank God that it’s an enjoyable project and that lots of things that I thought was going to be hard turned out to be much easier than expected after I put some effort into it.
4 chapters left to revise then hopefully sleep. Then wake up revise once through yet again then go for exam. To think after this exam is going to be a tough time. Open book exam for CS3221 Advanced Operating Systems on Wednesday 1700-1900 yet again and to think of it I don’t think there are any School of Computing students taking it, only Computer Engineering Students from Engineering. Perhaps that says something about the course in itself which is a pain to read through the recommended text. I guess I should have paid more attention in class and actually gone to class (skipped the last few weeks I think). We don’t even know how much weightage the exam is, but it should be 100% if not close to it as there was only 1 assignment from which were two 2 minute presentations where he gave us sample input and got a sample output and that was it. The last exam of my NUS life. Man its going to be weird….
Anyway back to studying.
Good luck to everybody having exams and God bless


2 thoughts on “2nd last exam

  1. I think there are a few SoC students taking that course. Probably most take it in the other semester. But majority are CPE!!


  2. Aiya, come back and can play Street Fighter 2 Turbo with me again :P The Mall’s Arcade is lousy!


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