Is it worth it?

Same age old question when it comes to my first class honours possibility. First of all, my list of things to do
1) EE4217 TDE Project 2: integration with EON which does not want to play properly. The game server works fine by itself but when imported into EON as a DLL the server’s receiving thread just dies or something. It’s hard to debug because it just runs in the background with no console output or anything. Maybe I can write to a file but still I dont have the slightest clue why it doesnt work the way it should. Project due 5th May
3) 2 EE4217 reports due 23rd April
4) Touch up my thesis and upload. Deadline 13 May
5) Study for exams. Deadline 24th April for Financial Accounting and 26th April for Advanced Operating Systems.
So I’ve been trying to get my TDE project working for the past 2 weeks. The game server and client in C and OpenGL are all done. Working fine to my testing. Integration with EON is screwed up and the project is sapping up all my time and energy. Point to note that the project is worth 40% of the grade and I actually like the project…. Well at least the part that I’ve already done, the game server and client side. Want to add more features to the game and get a bit of eyecandy but where’s the time? I have 2 exams to study for AOS I’ve barely touched the book that is to be read. Skipped the last few lectures and the course is just a haze to me right now. Financial Accounting is kind of better as I have background in accounting and I’ve been trying my best to at least do the tutorials before class or during. Went to all tutorials save the last 1 because I was rushing the TDE project…
And so now brings me to the point where
1) I have no energy left
2) I have no mood to study
3) Questioning whether trying to maintain 1st class honours is worth it
I need food. Craving McDonald’s for some reason… Think will have to go out and study… Maybe McD maybe somewhere but bleh.
Incoherant thoughs jumping all over the place. Thats my mind right now. Think of 1 thing and jump to another.
Final month of NUS. Utterly the most stressful time I’ve had in my whole University life. And the funny thing is its not even because of my FYP. Well at least I dont think. Speaking of FYP, presentation on 10th May for the Philips competition, preperation which will start after exams. And after exams is supposedly finishing up TDE project as well.
28th April – 2nd May TDE Project 2 with EON (deadline for USP students we are working with is 2nd).
2-5th May TDE Project 2 touching up and adding eyecandy
5-10th May Philips Competition: shortlisting round preperation. I’ve supposed to finish the PDA application and some other stuff I want to see implemented. The presentation is 10th May in the morning in NUS. Morning.. bleh
20th May Final round of Philips Competition IF we make it through the short listed round. Content or flash? Feel there’s not much content left in my project so just add flash. Wont hurt right? I mean at a chance to win S$5000 for 1st place, $2500 for 2nd and $1500 for 3rd it wont hurt right?
Bleh… back to studying.
In a while….
On a side note. I dont think I’ve been in a project group that I was completely satisfied with. Or at least mostly satisfied with. Meh….


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