2 Timothy 3:7

Resumed my 1 year schedule to finish the bible today after quite a long break. I admit at times I was too lazy to pick it up again due to the extra length of time it takes to read and digest much more material compared to my QT materials. Anyway hit the verse as follows
2 Timothy 3:7 “always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth”.
This verse means quite a lot to me because it seems to be talking about my life in my first 2 years of university. I always wanted to learn something. Something that I could use in life or at least put to good use. There are times in my life where I’ve been running the rat race of obtaining knowledge and learning, but never seeking and finding the truth. I think it doesn’t help being in Singapore with the fast pace of life here that seems to be pushing you here or there. Just need to take a step back and take a breather. I’m not saying it’s wrong to pursue knowledge but as always there is a time and place for everything. God gave each of us talents and we need to nuture and use those talents but we should not let them become something that distracts us and takes our focus away from Jesus. Lesson 1 of the ooo-some YDM L.I.F.E. youth camp about eyes and how to affix them on Jesus. Let not the distractions take a hold of your life and focus on what needs to be done. Focus on the giver not the gifts, i.e. focus on God.
Have a blessed weekend people =)


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