It’s been a long time I guess huh?

Guess I’ve been busy with things like trying to extend my stay in Singapore and having to spend like 10 hours in total doing something in regards to ICA. If anybody wants to renew / apply for a social visit pass go in the morning, trust me it’s worth it. Despite the queue almost wrapping 3/4 around the building it was a quick visit compared to the other visits I had there. Was in and out in just over an hour instead of the usual wait of 2 / 3 hours waiting in the hall.

Been busy attending convocations as well: 4 in total including mine =p. Also been doing some part time work for the past 2 weeks which is pretty interesting and it has flexible hours and I didn’t have to go down to the office in Jurong East for the past 2 weeks. However I have been to the office today as I am typing this as McDonald’s in IMM (how I love free wireless hotspots =P) and I’ll be back there tomorrow due to some hardware testing.

Went to watch 2 fireworks displays, well.. more like 1 and the other 1 I was there for like 2 minutes but I didnt look at the display as I was trying to get through the crowd to chop (reserve) seats at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar at the Esplanade. The day before (Friday) we resorted to going to Haagen Dazs for supper while on that Saturday had chocolate for dinner =p Well I guess I should enjoy this while I’m still here which is like 5 more full days.

Anyway I’ll being going back home this Sunday at 0905, should be picking up the ticket tomorrow at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yes its hard to go but alas there’s a bigger calling to go back home. So for those of you who don’t know the story or the full story here it is…. It all started back before I came to Singapore for my university education. I always thought of studying and working here. So if anybody came to ask me what were my plans after studying I would say I would stay in Singapore. Well that all changed about a year ago. One fine day the thought of going back home after graduation crept into my mind. Sounds a bit strange to get thoughts like that especially since it was a drastic contrast of what I always wanted to do. But I just felt a need to go back and after some processing I feel that God is just telling me to go back for now. I think if I were to stay here I would get too caught up in work and things. That basically happened to me in my final year, in my work that I’m doing. Also I believe that my plans for myself are incomparable with God’s plan for me, whatever that may be. All I know is that I have to go back. Won’t know how long. I could be back in Singapore to work in the future but who knows but God. I shall place my life in His hands as He becomes the light upon my feet guiding me through what lays ahead. Also there seems to be some open doors that I wish to go through that have been opened in the past year of actually letting go of the idea of working in Singapore. Time to leave is soon. Enjoy the time here in Singapore. Enjoy the time with the friends that I’ve made here. Friendships that mean so much. Memories that hopefully never get forgotten. God bless people.


2 thoughts on “It’s been a long time I guess huh?

  1. hi.
    glad that u’re making God’s decisions and not your own. I trust there will be great plans for u in Brunei. Singapore is a lovely place, but there will be great things waiting for u there also.

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