Back home

Yeah I know I came back on Sunday but it’s been kind of a rush back here in a few ways but that should end soon. Honestly came back on Sunday and more or less stoned the rest of the day away. (delta change / delta time) was too high. Felt isolated. Everything I knew so well for the past 4 years (but especially for the past 1 year plus) all disappeared. Didn’t think I would get emotional about it but I guess I couldn’t help it like 45 minutes before flight. Photos available here and here. I guess it didn’t matter that my dear was out of the country when I came back =( It also didn’t help that when I got out of the airport it started raining and so I got a bit drenched while getting my stuff to the car. I was 8.8kg overweight so ended up paying S$53 for the excess baggage ($6 per kg) which isn’t that bad considering it’ll cost slightly cheaper to ship it but then I would have to worry about picking up the goods. This way it comes back with me straight away so it was good. A new chapter has started in my life back here in Brunei where I know God has called me to be in this season of my life. Now something that just popped up before me was should I work for my mom or not. Surprisingly it didn’t even come to my mind when I decided to come back home, I thought it was obvious. Well so I thought. It doesn’t help with people saying that there are IT companies looking for people. Well will pray about it. So I guess that makes the job searching people count to 4 in my cell (yes I still consider it my cell =p). At least I have some ideas in store and I guess time to do it as well =D

Monday I was also kind of lost of what to do. The friend I was supposed to go on an eating spree went to Malaysia for the day and dear dear was still in Malaysia. I don’t remember what I was doing honestly, but I guess I was moving on. Tuesday was the eating spree!!! Sugarbun, Ideal Cafe & Grill, Swensen’s, Satay and some Pizza Hut. To Denise they do have the 3 layered tea in Sugarbun now ;-) Ideal chicken and spagetti is always good to me =P Too bad my chicken didn’t have any skin =( Swensen’s was not on the itenerary but Tuesday was 1/2 price for the Giant Earthquake so how can I refuse? =p We also ordered a “Topless 5” made completely of sticky chewy chocolate!!! Satay was good especially since it’s like 4 sticks for $1 for chicken and beef. They even have weird meat choices like camel, rabbit, ostrich and a few more which I can’t remeber. On the table they had pictures of the meats they had which I found amusing especially that of the rabbit which looks too cute to eat to many. Still on the yet-to-eat-but-I’m-sure-as-heck-going-to-eat list is Jollibee, rojak, Gin Chew peanut buns and Youme black bean paos.

Today I’ve been fixing computers, well actually trying to find out why a computer wasn’t booting up. Ended up to be the power supply. Unluckily/Luckily I tried using the house desktop’s power supply to test to see if that was the problem. And viola! The computer finally booted up properly. The problem came back when I put that power supply (my beloved antec power supply) back into the house desktop. I attached it back and switched it on to check and I see smoke coming out of the CPU!!!! Quickly shutting it down then I found that the power cable for the floppy drive (yes there still is a floppy drive, mainly for my mom) was melted and smelling a ‘great’ smell of molten plastic. So ended up having to buy 2 power supplies.

Well I guess I better enjoy the days in Brunei as I will be living them for a while. To all those back in Singapore, take care and don’t miss me =p


3 thoughts on “Back home

  1. hey bro… sounds like you’re settling in just fine… hmmm.. sounds about right… how could you not, after eating up what sounds like my entire month’s treats…in one go. anyone would have forgotten a past life, or two…hope that your moves are progressive where you are. No reason to rush into things now that you’ve just arrived in Brunei and I’m sure everyone is being very tolerant of your need for some decision making. time flies fast once you’re into something… but i hope that in all things, may you find contentment. Take care!

  2. I’m so heartened to see u miss Singapore so much. government is talking about making Singapore more attractive to immigrants. I believe you won’t ever forget your 4 years in Singapore. But this is great as u can use it to spur u towards recreating the kind of life and values back in your home country. With that piece of Singapore etched deep in your spirit, that no one can take away, I urge you to enlarge your vision and see your country as a place where you can serve, where you can meet needs, where you can harvest, and where you can inspire and motivate people and make a difference.

  3. Yeay! I wonder how come i couldn’t leave a message before. Anyway, good to know that you’re back safe and sound and settling down. Hope Ya Chee’s doing all right too esp since she went back earlier.

    Floppy disk? *guffaw* Too funny.

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