The tubes have been filled =p

Courtesy of this bandwidth speed test.

51.2 kilobits per second
Communications 51.2 kilobits per second
Storage 6.3 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 2.7 minutes
Subjective rating Slow

Problematic broadband connections since Saturday night. I was unable to surf at all from Saturday night until late Sunday afternoon. And since then the bandwidth seems to have dialup speeds or worse. Welcome to Brunei’s ISP woes.

Anyway starting to help mom out a bit. Just a bit so nothing much to say aside from being a driver. Got my dear’s old bluetooth enabled phone, the Philips Fisio 820, as her dad won a new phone in a lucky draw. So I was trying to use send AT commands to the phone and for some reason I can’t seem to send SMSs via the phone. It just keeps coming up with an error :S Tried with her new Sony Ericsson (SE) phone and it was kind of problematic as well. I can’t even use my Tungsten E2 to send an SMS using the loaded software with the Fisio. Strange… The SE phone didn’t have text mode which I think is being phased out so all that is left is PDU mode. Anyway should be getting a new phone soon hopefully, eyeing the Motorola L2 as it has bluetooth but no camera, just the way I like it but now I’m looking for a phone with bluetooth, no camera, external memory slot and costing around BND$300 =p I guess I can’t be pleased easily can I? =p I think I’ve seen phones that satisfy the 1st 3 attributes but then the cost factor comes in. Especially hesitant for the ‘unemployed’ like me.

Bye for now people. Going to be driver again….


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