Spray paint my friend, pair of tweezer like things my enemy

I have been looking for a pair of glasses that have the right shade of green for quite some time. And needless to say, if you are smart enough from the title of this post, that I could not find a pair so I took matters into my own hands with a nice lovely can of spray paint. Spray painted my old pair of glasses which previously had a gold frame and viola!
Practically the perfect shade of green I was looking for! Some slight inconsitencies with the paint but doesn’t really matter to me. All I know is that I have a lovely pair of specs waiting to be used after the smell of spray paint fades away. The lenses I have for these pair of specs seem to have different degrees with my current pair so may get new lenses. And if that is the case, I may spray the current old lenses with the spray paint as well as the paint is actually pretty thin and is translucent-like so perhaps I could get green tinted lenses as well =p

On a side note I was dripping blood a few minutes ago when my left foot was standing on the instrument below and my right foot happened to be in front of it and wanting to move backwards.

Pretty bad blood leakage if I do say so myself and that’s coming from a person who crashed on his bike going down a slope and ending up having to have stitches in my chin. I don’t think I’ve seen worse blood leakage from any other injury I’ve had.

Anyway it’s time to sleep… soon. I guess. Windows data backup complete, format will come this weekend. And probably I’ll boot back in Linux and hopefully not turn back. Got used to Windows again since I had to play Warcraft 3, I don’t have any free space on my Linux partition to play around so after the format hopefully will get some games running in Linux =D


4 thoughts on “Spray paint my friend, pair of tweezer like things my enemy

  1. There are green specs mah… i just saw these lime green frames at holland V that day.. nvm.. next time our cell get for you as b’day pressie, if you can get the lenses fitted back home. :)

  2. yo yo yo!!! hmmm…i think i must give u a nick, “the handyman”…lol.still remember what u did to your cam..the one ur sis gave u…all those DIY…glad u found that shade of green..this is the first time i’m hearing of someone spray painting their specs!!! kewl…

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