And so it begins…

The resume sending. First 2 went out this morning and a slew more to come. Went to Serasa beach yesterday and thank God that my car didn’t get wedged in the sand, when it almost did… twice. From this day forth I will refuse to drive to the beach. Give me tarred roads not sand. I don’t like beaches. Beaches don’t like me? Considering the last time I went to the beach my car did get stuck in sand. On 1 of the days in Chinese New Year none the less. Anyway I’m off. Bringing mom to see the doctor…
*Goes off to start the car engine*


6 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. eh? not working for mom anymore? *blur look* i shall now go read ur previous posts to see if u elaborated on why ur sending our resumes…hmmm

  2. It’s either 4th or 11th day of Chinese New Year when your car was stuck:P (And nearly hit a flower pot too). BUt I am sure you love that day with BH2 and whatnot.

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