Why I can’t communicate

Contemplating of writing this post for quite a long time actually. Well I don’t think I was a talkative person. Growing up in an International School during my primary school days where everybody spoke the same language was a good experience I guess but after that and continuing until this day I don’t really think was learnt how to communicate. When I went to secondary school (aka high school in some places) there was 1 side of the class that would talk among themselves in Malay and some that would talk among themselves in Chinese. Being a ‘banana’ (yellow on the outside and white on the inside, i.e. being Chinese but speaks only English) that I am as well as struggling with the Malay language I had to deal with few people conversing in English as it was probably their 2nd language. So in the process of communication where one would learn from how others communicate, I was severely handicapped. So through secondary school all the way until before I started University I lived a life where I could not effective learn how to communicate with others. I guess all this comes out when sometimes you meet people that you want to communicate with but somehow you just can’t seem to find the words to say or how to relate. Matters become worse when the other party’s interests and mine seem to have very little / nothing in common. It’s one of those times when you’re in the crowd and yet you feel so much more alone. But then again I would always like to think of myself as being the observer. Looking at how things are turning out around and not wanting to be bothered. Kind of not wanting to be noticed or possibly being afraid of being noticed and not knowing how to react, what to do or what to say even. Guess it’s just something to deal with and something to learn.

P.S. Let me congratulate my brother on his recent ‘appearance’ in the local papers. Congrats bro!

P.P.S. I know that practically most of the people who I know are smart in their own way. I guess I’m jealous because I know I’m not the kind of smart that they are but I will admit I’m hardworking. I guess it’s all about being recognized. Everybody wants to be known by others. Part of me wants to be while the other part shys away from any social activity. Leave me be with my computer and I’ll be a happy camper. Now back to learning Palm Programming….


One thought on “Why I can’t communicate

  1. But it always takes two to tango. I guess you also did not make the effort to improve your communication skills. You have to be proactive when it comes to such things.

    Join Toastmasters!!… :P

    Just jk lah. But try to be proactive.

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