THAT was annoying. A few days ago I tried out Kubuntu Edgy the new version of the OS and it was pretty nice until I tried to watch some podcast/netcasts/whatever-you-want-to-call-it I downloaded. It was throwing up an error. So I thought it was due to the new OS version and since I couldn’t find any posts related to it I decided to downgrade the OS. To cut the story short the downgrade didn’t work and so I just backed up and reinstalled the OS. After that I tried to play the files again and I still couldn’t, so I thought I didn’t download the proper codecs so configured them all up and it still didn’t work. So I tried to download the file again and it worked! GAAAAAHHHHHH Downloader for X which I used for d4x screwed me up ='( So now its just ‘wasting’ life away reconfiguring my system.

And now on about life and such. I’m very sure I don’t like change because I still haven’t adjusted back to Brunei life and surprisingly to me no matter how slow life is I still find myself short of time to do the stuff I want =( I guess it’s just a learning process of how to live life when the time I have is not in my hands…

On a brigther note I had a car treasure hunt last Sunday. It was fun but tiring driving around looking for clues and treasures =p At the end of the day was tired and sleepy the ‘perfect’ combination to get me all cranky which I still kind of am. Need more sleep… Need more rest…


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