Time… is what I don’t have the luxury of

Day by day I have things I want to do.
Day by day there are things that confront me be to done.
I don’t have nearly as much time for myself as I think I need. I believe this is just a test for me. I remember sharing one time in cell back in Singapore that time was one thing I treasure, well at least time that’s within my grasp that I can ‘control’ so to put it, i.e. being in control of my time. And these days with more pressing things to do I find less and less time for myself. Less and less time for me to do my own thing, to just wind down and relax. What do I do when I’m not in control of my time? Certainly not what I should be doing…
Lord God take control of my time and my life. As I was reminded this weekend that everything that I do is for You. All my time is not my time but Your time. Lord give me the strength especially then things are difficult when I don’t see much encouragement. Encourage me Lord to serve Your purpose for me.

Make me what You want me to be
Teach me Your ways

I lay down my life for You.
Throw down my crowns before You.
Give up my all for Your Name.
My Saviour, how I adore You.
Healer, my heart longs for You.
Jesus, You’re worthy to be praised.


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