Busy few weeks behind me

Yup very busy weeks have past. 4 hours of sleep today yesterday. Was up doing the camp booklet design. Just came back from the meeting and supper which was actually dinner. It’s been tiring days and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Despite the little support that I got, I continue trodding on, because I know what I do is not for me, it’s not for my company, it’s for His glory just as the camp t-shirt design states. We all have our parts to play in life. We have been put in our places for a reason. Make the most out of it. Even when nobody understands. Even when nobody offers some support. For there are times when there are none for you, none but Jesus. Just thanksgiving to God for pulling me this week. I know there’s more to come but I’m sure it won’t be as bad as last week.

One of the best thing’s I’ve seen as of late as I was lookng for images to put in the booklet was a wallpaper that says “Life is short, pray hard”. Yes it is and yes we should. Night all, the lack of sleep is taking over… bed here I come…..


One thought on “Busy few weeks behind me

  1. Dude.. It’s almost insulting when you say, “Even when nobody offers some support”.

    As long as I have internet connection, I can always support you. OK lah, maybe only psychologically. Dun ask me to do DB stuff.. :p

    Anyway, if need be .. just IM.. .;)

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