Blogging from work great huh? Well more like ranting from work. Spent this week in training learning how to use a system to be integrated in our solution. So everything seems fine and dandy until I start playing with it and finding that my Portable Firefox and IE6 crashes at times. Opera seemed to work okay but had an issue that didn’t allow me to click the “Ok” button on a Java applet that was launched using Javascript that was processing a button press. It only seemed to work nicely on IE7 on the server. The system also required Adobe SVG to display some graphical charts and stuff. Saw that it could display these graphics using Flash so me and my bright ideas was to try download the latest Flash and Java plugins and try switching to Flash as perhaps it was a plugin issue with SVG that cause the crashed. So after updating to the latest Java runtime I find that some of the Java applets are now broken in Opera, FF and IE6 on my computer. Switching to Flash required an Active X control to be run on the server’s IE7. Problem is that IE7 ‘nicely’ informs me that the current IE7 configuration does not allow me to run Active X. Okay so I think to myself just to change the configuration and it’ll be ok. For some reason even on setting to “Low” security and making sure that all the Active X settings are set to enable to run, I still get the Information bar saying that IE7 is restricting me from running Active X control. Man… Gave up after a few tries, so if anybody knows please enlighten me. End rant, back to finding a workaround…..


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