Ponderings of the mind

I wonder why I find it so hard to be happy for others. I know they deserve it but I cant help be feel jealous. A part of me knows I will not or even can not be like them and so it comes down to the ‘superiority’ of others vs ‘inferiority’ of me. This is something I’ve been tackling alot in the past few months. I keep asking myself what can I offer to others when I feel inadequate in so many levels. I know everybody has their talents and they need to be nutured with time and determination and purpose. I feel time just slipping away wondering where my days have gone. Wondering what I’m doing with my life when I know there are more important things out there. Deliberate and conscious actions need to be taken. Call this a cry for help or call this a cry of desperation but whatever it is, it’s a cry for change. Something has to go…

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