If you ever wanted to have tabs for applications that dont support them? Well with WinTabber you can.. in a way

What is WinTabber ?
WinTabber is tabmanager that can add tab support to almost any window under windows 2000/XP. Working with tabbed windows works faster and efficiently.

Basically it gets rid of the title bar of any window you currently open and puts it in the WinTabber application as a tab. You can move through tabs in WinTabber using your mouse or the Ctrl+Tab (or Ctrl+Shift+Tab) shortcut most of us would be used to if you used any tabbed application before (e.g. Opera, Firefox). You can open multiple WinTabber windows to organise different windows but you can’t put a WinTabber window as a tab in another WinTabber window. Tabs can be released to restore it as a window on its own. A good application to help you remove some clutter from the taskbar and boost your productivity.

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