What a few days, what a few months….

A visit from Senior Pastor Derek Hong from my Singapore home church, COOS has so far been a great experience. Fallen way off the saddle in the past few months and I guess an atmosphere of familiarity and ‘security’ from days gone past of my days in Singapore has given me that extra push I need to get back on the saddle and head back on the path of the straight and narrow. Struggles in life, commitments in life and just life itself throw you many curve balls that you just can’t hit out of the ball park and all so often it seems that its just that nobody really understands: nobody there. I guess thats my problem. If I’m difficult to get along with “I’m sorry” but I’m far from perfect when it comes to building relationships. Sometimes I see myself as the stereotypical nerd with the thick rimmed glasses that isn’t popular and doesn’t mingle well. Well actually that basically my life in my secondary days. Time and time again you try to trust people and some how they let you down, not to put anybody down but we are all human and we all make mistakes. So you tend to shy away from people knowing that they’ll let you down. Yes I miss the days in Singapore when things seemed much ‘easier’ with more support from like minded people but life isn’t a bed of roses. We go through trials and tribulations to strengthen us for what else is to come. Well what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Too much things floating around in my mind. I better go to sleep if I want to get to KOOL in 6 hours…

A few links providing good reading and listening material:

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  • Blogged with Flock


    2 thoughts on “What a few days, what a few months….

    1. heehee, i really enjoyed the comic strips u uploaded… oh! nice to hear you speak about stuff to do with yourself after those *scrolls down* computer related posts. teehee, no offence, i’m just a technoidiot. :-p

    2. Hey Sheng Hwee!

      Miss ya. We eat less ice cream since u’re gone. Dom guzzles chocs and ice cream but cannot win u lah. We’re here for you in spirit k?

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