App of the Day: Crossloop

Just want to say Crossloop rocks!

CrossLoop – Simple Secure Screen Sharing

  • Connect Any Two PCs on Earth
  • Available in 21 Languages
  • File Transfer Capability
  • Switch control to make collaboration easier
  • View Only and Share Control modes

Indeed simple to use, the only problem is that there needs to be an actual person on both ends as there is manual interaction which is actually an added layer of security.

On the computer you want to connect to.

1) Start Crossloop

2) Click the Host tab

3) Tell friend (the person who wants to control the PC) the Access Code

4) Click Connect (can specify if session is to be controllable by the client or just a view only session by clicking the keyboard and mouse icon)


For the connecting client computer

1) Start Crossloop

2) Get Access Code and type it in

3) Click Connect

4) Host computer screen should pop up in a VNC window for control / view (depending on host setting)

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Edit:- I don’t know why I called it Crossloops when it is so clearly stated Crossloop (no wonder I couldn’t find info about it in Google :P)


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