Sickness and ailments

Thursday: threw out my back
Friday: gingerly getting about with my back pain
Saturday: slight sore throat + cough
Sunday: fever and bad sore throat that kept me in bed the WHOLE day
Monday: SUPER bad sore throat
Tuesday: Uncomfortable back, blocked ears
Wednesday: Stiff neck on both sides.. Elbow pain

Whoa its been a week of pain and rest needs to be found. And the ‘start’ of the torrent of work for November is about to begin. Work deployment starts tomorrow and then things will get hectic for work. Preparation on for last day of KOOL (25th) and rededication service (30th). Oh yeah supposedly I’m getting married this month too (mom’s friend apparently told my mom that I’m getting married this month). Wonder what preparations need to be done for that. If anybody care till me when it is and more importantly who I’m marrying do tell. Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Sickness and ailments

  1. Take care man… Hope you get well soon..

    As for your marriage.. and yc mentioning something abt “your kids”.. I am really starting to wonder what u’ve been up to… :p

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