Welcoming Sickness

Night 0: Late night trip to pasar malam with satay and dried cuttlefish
Day 1: Sore throat + slight warmth. Thought nothing of it, probably due to last night’s food
Day 2: Cough. Sore throat still there but not much of a problem. Nothing too bad
Day 3: BAD cough-until-I-almost-puke cough. 1 month+ old nephew has a fever. Feeling pretty pathetic
Day 4: Running nose + slight muscle ache + feverish.
Day 5: Sneezing thus watery running nose

In the days of my sickness I have discovered command-line mplayer to play videos on my desktop while I work/lie on my bed with my laptop, Joomla and just a few moments ago (while Googling ‘geekdom’) rediscovered The IT Crowd which I believe I did watch when I was in Singapore =p So after 3 hours of postponing my sleep I think I should have just watched the video version of The Linux Action Show!, back with season 9! Hak5 will be coming back up on August 15th with weekly shows! Yayness!!


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